Individuals who join the Talem network can assist Talem partner organisations with policy and research tasks, administrative work, and the development of education and training resources. 

Please submit your details and provide a brief summary of your resume and skill-set. We will get in touch when a position arises and your skills are a good fit. 

Your data will be stored on our online database and will only be used when we are contacted by one of our partner community based organisations administering paralegal training programmes. 

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Talem is an informal network of volunteers connected through this online platform. The purpose of this website is to provide a portal through which to facilitate connecting volunteers (who have registered to be part of Talem's network) with various community organisations seeking volunteers. The coordinator of this webpage does not guarantee that a volunteer will be connected to an organisation seeking a volunteer.

Any volunteer work offered or to be performed is to be determined between the relevant volunteer and organisation. The coordinator of this website is not responsible for and disclaims any liability in relation to any arrangements between a volunteer and any organisation connected through this website or otherwise through the Talem network (including volunteer work offered or performed).

Each user or participant of this website, or individual who is otherwise involved, or participates in the Talem network (whether as an organisation,  individual or otherwise) acknowledges and agrees that they do so of their own accord, at their own risk and that the coordinator of this website is not in any way liable or responsible for such use or participation.